This photo section consists of a loose collection of mostly happy-snaps I have taken over the years.  I'm also very fond of stitching photos together into panoramas - I have been making photo panoramas since way back when I had to make them with film print, scissors and tape. I have always enjoyed photography, mostly just for snaps of family and friends, but also as a semi-serious hobby - but when shooting on film it was often an expensive hobby. Once I got my first two-megapixel Canon camera many years ago, I sadly but quickly retired my film SLR and negative developing tanks.  The simple ease of snapping digital photos, the freedom that it offers with multiple exposures costing no more than a single one, the flexibility of the digital darkroom (with an undo button!), made it easy to ignore the many limitations of digital over film and convert myself to a digital photographer. Now, as even affordable digital cameras increase in resolution and dynamic range, these limitations are vanishing, making digital photography dominant in every photographic field.  Even a sad analogue kind of guy like me can admit this. Please explore the various galleries in the photo section, though a lot of the photos here will only really be of interest to close family and friends, and some not even to them.

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